Hens' Killer Builds

Welcome to Hens' Killer Builds! Here you'll find a curated set of builds for all the killers in Dead by Daylight made by Hens.

Each killer has three builds:

  • Best Build Without Limitations
    • This build is what Hens thinks is the strongest possible for the killer, including the best map for that killer.
  • Best Build Without "Crutch Addons"
    • This build is that Hens thinks is the strongest possible for the killer while not using any addons that might be considered too strong and therefore a "crutch" for that killer.
  • Hens' Favorite Builds
    • Hens' favorite build for that killer!

To check out the builds for any killer simply click the button for the killer below!

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Builds for The Hillbilly
The Hillbilly
Best Build Without Limitations
Azarov's Key
Iridescent Engravings
LoPro Chains
Barbecue & Chilli
Hex: Ruin
The Hillbilly
Hens' Favorite
Dad's Boots
Spiked Boots
Barbecue & Chilli
Lethal Pursuer
Scourge Hook: Floods of Rage